Commercial Services

photo 1The Sunshine Building Group is dedicated to the best service and quality in the concrete industry. We provide our clients with quality craftsmanship, excellent service, and the innovation and creativity you expect. We do a variety of work from standard, single family homes to complex commercial buildings. At Sunshine, no job is too small or large for our experienced team of professionals. Some examples of the work we do include:

• Commercial Office Buildings
• Foundations

We specialize in structural concrete, both pumping and placement, for solid and secure construction foundations.



Residential Services

photo 2At the Sunshine Building Group, we relish in the creativity and excitement of creating new residences for homeowners. We look forward to creating a new life for people and building solid residences where they can grow and fill the space with their own stories. We work in various aspects of residences from the actual home to all the pieces in between. The Sunshine Building Group works with:

• Concrete & Masonry
• Upscale Residences
• Lanais
• Slabs
• Walkways/Driveways
• Privacy Walls
• Custom Home Construction




Pre-Construction Services

photo 3The Sunshine Building Group is committed to you and your vision. We ensure that the project is discussed and understood completely. We offer pre-construction services to create a formal platform to discuss the project, concerns, and suggestions. Our clients can use this time to relay their vision, goals, and needs for the project and together we can assist to develop opportunity areas, determine and discuss cost, and schedule the execution of the project.

Pre-Construction services are imperative to the client as well as our team. Together we can come to a better conclusion of what the final project will include. Our clients are the priority, these services are tailored and specific to each unique project. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the concrete construction industry. Rest assured that your project is in capable, innovative hands.

Pre-Construction Services includes consistent estimation regarding price and completion time.
Pre-Construction begins before the job starts and continues throughout the entire construction process. The Sunshine Building Group provides tools and information to the client through every step of the process.

• Grade Beams/Footings
• Steamwalls/Slabs
•Tie Beams
• Wet Decks
• CIP Columns
• Pool Decks