photo 2The Sunshine Building Group began in Naples, Florida in 1987. 1991 saw the beginning of a long and successful partnership between Fred Armantrout and Arturo Serna. Together they began their work and completed thousands of projects ranging from standard single-family homes to complex commercial buildings. Don Hill joined the Sunshine Building Group shortly after and brought over three decades of experience in both materials and construction management. All three have created a solid, reliable foundation that you can count on. The Sunshine Building group offers you the security, service, and professionalism that you’ve come to expect.

Many of our personnel have worked together for over 20 years and know the ins and outs of the industry. The Sunshine Building Group offers a unique and consistent service that is rarely found in the construction industry. Our team is familiar with the industry and with each other, creating a great rapport among their coworkers and clients. We offer continuity and professionalism for you and your company, with a supreme attention to safety, accuracy and detail. From the estimating process to project completion, the Sunshine Building Group is a strong, reliable partner you can rely on.